Web Design Services

We knew the web when it wasn’t so pretty, which taught us many important lessons about web design, such as the value of clean hand-written HTML code, the power of reusable CSS design, and the virtues of well compressed and treated images to make fast-loading and engaging layouts.

Blog header design


The Cartoon Art Gallery is a unique niche art gallery dedicated to the promotion and display of cartoon illustrations and art work. In keeping with the vision of the space reflecting an early 20th century cinematic animation aesthetic, the graphical theme of this WordPress-based dynamic site was made appropriately cartoon-like and also traditional in visual style.

Minimalist blog logo design


Content Deliverance is a blog on the technical and strategic issues concerning content delivery and content management systems. It was executed using the WordPress blogging system, for its flexibility and for the fact that the system would be extensively covered on the site. The site layout was kept minimal to make it useful and functional above all else.

Restaurant company header design


Sterling, a restaurant management company, returned to us to create a corporate brand site with a much more elaborate list of brands, to represent their very extensive restaurant holdings in Qatar. The site was created in static HTML and CSS with some Javascript magic to manage the large amount of photographs to be displayed.

Coffe house web template design


A café in Bangalore wanted an attractive website to be their major piece of branding online, and their means of interaction with their web-savvy customers. The coffee drinking culture is very close-knit, so the site was aimed at a social and responsive coffee-drinking clientèle.

Restaurant website theme


Sterling Caravan, a catering services company in Dubai, wanted to create a simple and straight-forward online brand presence that could act as a first mode of contact for their increasingly international business associates. The site was created in static HTML and CSS with simplicity, speed and efficiency in mind.

Home page listing design


The challenge here was to create a movie review and article website which was beautiful. There are many movie-related sites and blogs out there, but they are often cluttered, visually noisy, and not the best reading experience. Here we used the WordPress blogging software for all the conveniences it provided, while breaking out of many of the visual staples of a blog layout.

Website header design


This personal web site and blog template design for Samir Bharadwaj was executed using the WordPress blogging system. It included an article blog, a simple portfolio page for the display of design, illustration and photography work, a contact form, and other necessities.