A café in Bangalore wanted an attractive website to be their major piece of branding online, and their means of interaction with their web-savvy customers. The coffee drinking culture is very close-knit, so the site was aimed at a social and responsive coffee-drinking clientèle.

  1. Coffe house web template design
  2. Cafe website header design
  3. CSS design of trivia notes
  4. Social features of cafe site
  1. The visual style and the mood it conveyed was paramount in the design of this site. Coffee shops are very much about the atmosphere and the attempt was to replicate that atmosphere on the web, using the appropriate colours and images.
  2. The site template was made to look sophisticated but also very welcoming, with plenty of visual elements referring back to the actual physical space. The photographic header, which changes on every page, was given prominence in the layout to make this feel as real and warm as possible.
  3. The idea of the many conversations and exchanges of information that go on in a café was taken further by presenting a collection of facts and trivia about coffee and its history. They appear as notes on every page which when clicked lead to an entire page of material.
  4. Adding in an interactive element into the site was of high priority. Social media links to the related Facebook page and blog were featured prominently over the main menu, and a guest-book system was also included to collect customer feedback and encourage the sense of community.
Primordial Soop