Sterling, a restaurant management company, returned to us to create a corporate brand site with a much more elaborate list of brands, to represent their very extensive restaurant holdings in Qatar. The site was created in static HTML and CSS with some Javascript magic to manage the large amount of photographs to be displayed.

  1. Catering website template design
  2. Restaurant company header design
  3. Restaurant image gallery design
  4. Restaurant drop-down menu design
  1. After working on the previous Sterling corporate site for Dubai, the challenge was to stick to the same corporate colour scheme and a similar visual style while giving it a unique look.
  2. Running several dozens of restaurant there, Sterling is a much more extensive operation in Qatar and hence a more recognisable brand. With that in mind, the Sterling mascot was inserted into the website header to increase recognition, while maintaining the clean and bold colour scheme and visual theme.
  3. Individual brand pages included a photo gallery of images from the restaurants and of the food and beverages served. Since this was an important part of the experience of this site, a dynamic gallery system was used to present the photos as a thumbnail gallery. It allowed easy access to all images without requiring page reloads.
  4. The main challenge of the large brand portfolio was to allow easy access to individual brand pages without requiring too many clicks. This was accomplished by a drop-down menu designed into the main menu bar of the site. It provided easy one-click access to every brand page at all times.
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