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This personal web site and blog template design for Samir Bharadwaj was executed using the WordPress blogging system. It included an article blog, a simple portfolio page for the display of design, illustration and photography work, a contact form, and other necessities.

  1. Blog template design
  2. Website header design
  3. Online portfolio design
  4. Blog footer design
  1. Very early on, blogs began to take on a standard format and visual style. This blog was meant to be text heavy, and part of the aim was to create a rich visual experience to complement the writing.
  2. A lot of organic detail was added into a layout, from a hand drawn swirl around the logo in the header, to three-layers of images to create the textured site background in HTML and CSS.
  3. The work page displayed a portfolio of work as simple thumbnails with short descriptions.
  4. To reward readers who scrolled to the end of long pages, the blog footer was designed as an intricate graphic that doubled as a clickable menu to access the various blog topics.
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