Homepage Magazine


We were asked to re-invent a long running corporate newsletter for a construction services company, in order to give their staff a unified public face that they could be proud of. The challenge was to make the world of construction contracting look interesting and engaging, which is what we did.

  1. Homepage magazine layout and cover designs
  2. Typographic spread in the magazine layout
  3. Original illustrated comic strip
  4. Magazine feature layout with illustration
  1. Homepage had previously been a tabloid-size corporate newsletter, much more focused on company news and events. With this make-over it was transformed into a general interest magazine with a stylish new masthead.
  2. Being limited to photography of construction sites, and not having access to any obvious imagery to bring in that sense of style and sophistication, a lot of attention was put into the typography and text styles of the magazine.
  3. An original comic strip with a set of repeating characters was also created from scratch to provide more light-hearted and accessible entry for casual readers.
  4. Long feature stories made this magazine much more of an informative and readable publication. The clean and sophisticated typography were complemented by custom illustrations for the major articles.
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