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Vishal & Samir of Primordial Soop for Inquisitive Interviews

Independent Design and Pants

We’re great supporters of the curious and the inquisitive, so when Melvin of Inquisitive Minds contacted us about doing an interview about our work, we leapt at the idea … well OK, it was more of an enthusiastic crawl, but in our heads there was definitely some leaping involved. A big thank you to Melvin […]

Productization process - The construction of a pyramid

The Service Productization Process

I’ve been pondering the creation of a website audit service product here at Primordial Soop recently. I’ve talked about why the need exists for such an audit service, and more recently I’ve explored the advantages of productization for both the client and us as a design studio. To design the service itself, however, is no […]

Productization - Primordial Soop in a box

Productization and Its Advantages

I find productization to be a fascinating term. It’s one of those so bad it’s good scenarios; So forced, so contrived, and so stinking of business jargon is the term Productization that it is perfectly appropriate for what it stands for. Productization is commonly described as the changing and tweaking of something, either tangible or […]

Optimization - woman stretching and exercising

Website Optimisation Service Musings

Back when the internet was still new and not taken for granted, I got into web design because it was fascinating. One day, someone came along and asked me if I knew how to make one of those “web site things”, and being the adventurous liar that I was, I said yes. Well it wasn’t […]

A pteranodon vs a tyrannosaurus wearing angel wings

What are Affordable Web Design Services?

“I can get this cheaper at [insert name of company that’s supposed to impress me]!” Costing is always an important issue for any sort of service. In a service that’s part technical, part creative, part service and part product, such as web design, the pricing is even more contentious and fraught with doubt and second-guessing. […]

A stegosaurus with multicolour bling back scales.

Why Do You Need a Website?

A question most web designers never get to ask their clients in any serious way, unless they are wearing a well-tailored suit, have a gaggle of assistants, an avant-garde post-modern office with bad excuses for art, and billings in the millions of dollars, is why they actually need a website. Even a straight and honest […]

Vector art of Shabari from the Ramayana

Creating a Dappled Light Effect in Vector Images

Illustrations from Indian mythology are a theme on my web-technologies and cms software blog, Content Deliverance. When looking for a supporting image for a food blogging post, I remembered the story of Shabari from the Ramayan. I wanted to show Shabari offering Ram fruit, but I also wanted to bring in the atmosphere of the […]

Shading detail of a male torso

A Shading Technique For Pen and Ink Drawings

Over the past few years I have tried to get back into practice with drawing. One way I pushed myself was to sketch with a pen. The idea was to improve my courage at mark-making using the unforgiving pen, which I hope will seep into my skills with other mediums. In my recent series of […]

Nature study sketches of lotus flowers and birds for a pattern

Ode to the Design Process

All’s well that ends well, the saying goes, and while this is a healthy attitude in life, it does lead to process blindness. Every activity of life or craft has a method hidden within the randomness. Understanding that method, that process, and studying it is a key to learning more about the craft. It also […]

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