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July 25th, 2011
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Vishal & Samir of Primordial Soop for Inquisitive Interviews

We’re great supporters of the curious and the inquisitive, so when Melvin of Inquisitive Minds contacted us about doing an interview about our work, we leapt at the idea … well OK, it was more of an enthusiastic crawl, but in our heads there was definitely some leaping involved.

A big thank you to Melvin Pereira for inviting us to do this. An excerpt of the interview is below and the link to read it in its entirety follows.

[Q] Tell Us something about yourself.

Vishal: I’m Vishal Bharadwaj, but not that famous guy who makes those movies. I’ve been working since 2003 when I finally wrenched myself away from the clutches of Academia with most of my vital organs intact.

Samir: I’m Samir Bharadwaj, and I’m Vishal Bharadawaj’s brother. No, not the famous guy, the lesser known Academia wrestler. It’s sometimes difficult to make the distinction between when I wasn’t working and when I was, but I’d say since 1998 or so in various freelance capacities.

[Q] What do you Do for a living and Where?

Vishal: I’m a graphic designer, mostly web & identity design, with a healthy side of illustration. I work from home, which means that, yes, I do not have to dress up and go to work. Pants, in fact, are optional.

Samir: Graphic Design is the official version of what I do, but it does vary from web design to more traditional print design, to illustration and even writing when the need arises. Generally, design covers all of it. I also wear pants, most of the time. I leave the well ventilated artistry to my esteemed colleague.

Read the rest of the interview over at Inquisitive Minds …

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