Thermo Corporate Video Presentation


Thermo is an MEP contractor serving the construction industry in the Middle East. They wanted an informative and impressive corporate video talking about their long history as a company, and their many high-profile projects. This video was rendered with 3D compositing, using only motion graphics and photographs provided by the client.

  1. 3D city animation
  2. Motion graphics for electricals
  3. Corporate video for MEP
  4. Corporate motion design
  1. Having no existing video footage to work with, we created stylised 3D animation, including this one of a city scape to create a sense of drama in what was an information heavy presentation.
  2. Brand specific visual devices, such as the arrow, were used to transition between the sections of the video about the different departments and specialities of the company.
  3. Each of the company’s activities was represented by icons to visually categorise the sections of the video and the images being displayed.
  4. Scrolling text and photographs from actual projects were mixed with animated symbols and graphics to communicate in a clear and aesthetic way.
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