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A pteranodon vs a tyrannosaurus wearing angel wings

What are Affordable Web Design Services?

“I can get this cheaper at [insert name of company that’s supposed to impress me]!” Costing is always an important issue for any sort of service. In a service that’s part technical, part creative, part service and part product, such as web design, the pricing is even more contentious and fraught with doubt and second-guessing. […]

A stegosaurus with multicolour bling back scales.

Why Do You Need a Website?

A question most web designers never get to ask their clients in any serious way, unless they are wearing a well-tailored suit, have a gaggle of assistants, an avant-garde post-modern office with bad excuses for art, and billings in the millions of dollars, is why they actually need a website. Even a straight and honest […]

Nature study sketches of lotus flowers and birds for a pattern

Ode to the Design Process

All’s well that ends well, the saying goes, and while this is a healthy attitude in life, it does lead to process blindness. Every activity of life or craft has a method hidden within the randomness. Understanding that method, that process, and studying it is a key to learning more about the craft. It also […]

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